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Partner: MatchOn - Tennis
Sports: Tennis
Restrictions: Rated 16+
Compatibility: iOS only

MatchOn - Tennis

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Ever wanted to play tennis, but didn't have someone to play with? Download MatchOn to ensure you will always have a match.

MatchOn is the easiest way to play casual tennis matches, enabling players to find a match by simply using the app to post a match request.

MatchOn also makes arranging matches with friends easier by streamlining the back and forth communication.

We even reward you for playing tennis! Earn points for every match you play. Points help you win challenges, which earn you free prizes. Win prizes such as a t-shirt, a free lesson, or even racquet simply for playing tennis with MatchOn.

We understand who you play matters! The only thing worse than not playing is playing with a player of a different ability. We use a proven matching system tested with over a million match results to adjust players self-ratings and make them more accurate after each match. This helps ensure a fun experience every time you take the court!

Currently MatchOn is only being promoted in Boston, MA. If you are outside of Boston, and want to have a fun prize filled tennis experience, promote the app! We will likely be heading to the city with the most users next.